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LOGLINE: A woman tracks down her ex-lover after he absconds with their ill-gotten gains to finally take back what rightfully belongs to her.


WHITE FERRARI is a short ACTION film that explores the theme of pay equality. in today's economy women take home only 80% of what our male counterparts make, and for African American women the pay gap is 63%, and Latino women earn 54 cents on the dollar. As the progress towards equality has slowed over the last thirty years, some experts argue we won't reach pay parity until 2119. From Lilly Ledbetter's groundbreaking fight against Goodyear, to the Women's Ice Hockey National team's battle with USA hockey, to the revelations about the pay disparity faced by actresses Tracee Ellis Ross, and Michelle Williams, this is an issue that crosses all industries and regions. As a filmmaker, we are using the action genre to MAKE PHYSICAL the FINANCIAL FIGHT all women face in today's workplace.  


WHITE FERRARI was a finalist for the Women In Film production grant, and a semi-finalist for the Tribeca Through Her Lens: Tribeca Chanel Women's filmmaker Program. The script was a 2018 Cinequest Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist, a Quarterfinalist for the 2018 Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition and the 2018 BlueCat Screenplay Competition, a 2018 Hollywood Just 4 Shorts Winner, and a 2018 DC Shorts Screenplay Competition Finalist where White Ferrari had a live reading in front of an audience in Washington, DC. 

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