short from comedy series   2018

co-creator/director producer/editor

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Tender Touches is a comedic Short-Form Web Series following certified animal healer Phrannie (yes, that's "Franny" with a "Ph”) in her everyday work helping animals that struggle with various spiritual and mental health challenges. Owners travel from far and wide with their beloved pets for Phrannie’s signature “Musical Treatments,” which consist of her passionately singing meaningful and appropriate parodies of top 40 hits to the suffering animals.


In the pilot entitled "Maniac," Phrannie treats a bi-polar parakeet named Portia De Rossi and helps her confront her mania.

Produced as part of the 2018 AT&T create-a-thon

Tender Touches - MANIAC won 1st Place - Best Standard Film.  To check it out click here.