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LOGLINE: MARTHA is the true story of the week Martha Mitchell (wife of Nixon's former Attorney General, John Mitchell) was held captive and forcefully tranquilized in a Southern California hotel room in the wake of the Watergate break-in.

More than 50 years later, the Watergate affair continues to fascinate the collective American psyche, with many parallels to be drawn to the corruption and dirty tricks that we see in today's politics. Following her harrowing week, Martha tried to speak truth to power and tell the public what had happened to her, but after the Whitehouse leaked stories labeling her an alcoholic and mentally unstable, she was maligned, demonized, and relegated to the gossip column. Her

words of warning were never taken seriously.

From Anita Hill, Monica Lewinsky, Solange Knowles, and Christine Blasey Ford, to countless others -- including Nora Ephron who told anyone who would listen that Mark Felt was Deep Throat -- we're only just beginning to address our history of marginalizing women and their voices. 

This is a timely story that explores the all too frequent - and disturbingly acceptable - silencing of women's voices when they attempt to speak an inconvenient truth.


MARTHA won the Nantucket Film Festival Showtime Tony Cox Screenplay contrition, a Finalist for the Screencraft Film Fund, Finalist Vail Film Festival, Semifinalist Atlanta Film Festival, Semifinalist Filmmatic Drama, Semifinalist Filmmatic Short, Semifinalist Let's Make It!,  Semifinalist Inroads Fellowship, Quarterfinalist WeScreenplay Shorts Lab; and is rated in the top 2% on

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